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    HEMPRx is a liquid extract of organically grown hemp providing 15 mg of phytocannabinoids guaranteed in every milliliter.

    HempRx contains a total of 375 mg of phytocannabinoids per bottle and provides 0.5 mg per drop.

    HempRx contains 30 drops in each milliliter, which is 15 mg of phytocannabinoids (like CBD; each drop is 0.5 mg.

    HempRx is a pleasant-tasting liquid, slightly nutty tasting from the organic hemp seed oil and slightly floral tasting from the many plant terpenes it contains.

    HempRx is extracted from the whole hemp plant, grown domestically and legally in Colorado. Using super-critical liquid CO2 extraction means that this extract is absolutely pure, with no solvent residues, no heavy metal residues, and being organically grown, this extract also contains no pesticide residues.

    As compared to low-potency consumer-level brands of hemp labeled for pets, HempRx gives you full disclosure of how much each administration of HempRx contains, so you can more accurately provide your pet with the hemp extract it needs. Can you tell how much cannabis these consumer level products sold on the internet contain from looking at the label? No, because that information is not there. If you look closely at the label you will see they tell you what the milligram capacity is of the capsules in the package, but they do not tell you what the actual cannabinoid content is in each capsule.

    Not so with HempRx, we proudly give full disclosure of exactly what this product contains.

    HempRx is bottled in an FDA-compliant cGMP facility, and meets the high standards of manufacturing quality control required by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC.cc)

    Administration Instructions:
    Dogs and Cats:

    Give 0.1 mg/kg twice daily to start. This is the same as 1 drop for each 5 kilograms of body weight of your pet.

    Each kilogram of your pet's body weight is 2.2 pounds.

    So that translates to: 1 drop for each 11 pounds of body weight twice daily.


    There are 750 drops in each bottle.

    Pet Weight in Pounds LOW DOSE
    # drops
    # drops
    # drops
    10 1 2.5 5  
    20 2 5 10  
    30 3 7 14  
    40 4 9 18  
    50 <5 11 22  
    60 >5 13 26  
    70 6 16 32  
    80 7 18 36  
    90 8 20 40  
    100 9 23 46  


    If after 7-14 days you are not seeing the results you are looking for, then you can increase the amount you are giving to the Medium Dose (0.25 mg/kg twice daily.)

    If that still is not sufficient to create the desired results, then increasing the dosage to  the High Dose (0.5 mg/kg twice daily) is recommended

    Analysis of HempRx:

    Potency Results(per 25 mls)
      Wt (%) (mg/g)
    CBD 1.45 14.52
    CBG 0.02 0.23
    CBN <0.01 <0.1
    THC 0.06 0.58
    CBC 0.06 0.63
    THC-A <0.01 <0.1
    CBD-A 0.05 0.55
    Max THC 0.06 0.58
    Max CBD 1.50 15.00
    Total Actives 1.64 16.44
    THC:CBD 1:25  
    Terpene Potency
    Wt. (%)  
    d-Limonene 0.0028-0.014
    Eucalyptol 0.0028-0.0057
    a-Humulene 0.014-0.057
    a-Pinene 0.0028-0.014
    b-Caryophyllene 0.028-0.14
    Myrcene 0.0028
    a-Bisabolol 0.0028
    Phytol 0.0057
    Linalool 0.0028
    Nerdilol 0.0028
    Residual Solvents Results
    Propane Not detected
    Isobutane Not detected
    Butane Not detected
    Ethanol Not detected
    Pentane Not detected
    Isopropanol Not detected
    Hexane Not detected
    Acetone Not detected
    *Limit = 5000 ppm Not detected
    Pesticide and Heavy Metal Results
    Acequinocyl Not detected
    Pyrethrium Not detected
    Spiromesifen Not detected
    Abamectin  Not detected
    Imidacloprid Not detected
    Spinosad Not detected
    Spirotetramat Not detected
    Bifenazate Not detected
    Fenoxycarb Not detected
    Paclobutrazol Not detected
    Heavy Metals None detected (Criteria <10 ppm)
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    1. Too soon to review.

      I can not do an accurate review the HempRx product yet, as my cat has only taken it for 5 days. He is very fussy so when he smells it (although I attempt to mix it up in his wet food) he won't eat. I have to keep coaxing him throughout the day. Worse than a fussy child.
      : o)
      on Jul 16th 2017

    2. Helped Our Cat Perk Up

      Our cat has lymphoma and is FeLV+. We started using this product to help her feel comfortable as long as possible. She has definitely perked up and her appetite is a little better. She jumps around again and seems to be very relaxed which is what she needs to feel better longer. FeLV causes lymphoma in cats at a young age and he prognosis was only a couple months even with treatment so anything helps. on Jul 15th 2017

    3. My dog is so much happier

      I have a 4 yr. old German shepherd who suffers from seizures. She was on Phenobarbital and was up to at least two seizures/week. Since replacing her pheno with the hemp oil (which my vet prescribed), she has only had one seizure. Besides that, her playful personality is back and she is so much happier. on Jun 30th 2017

    4. English Bulldog with torn ACL & Arthritis

      My bullheaded 5 year old has only 1 good leg, and was hobbling like a 13 year old. After 1 week of adding the CBD oil to his food he's back to being a big goof off. We are on our second bottle, and it is a MUST for life. Delivery is always timely. This is a GREAT product for pain relief. on Jun 29th 2017

    5. Finally Relief

      My Westie has a herniated disc in his neck, pain meds took care of the pain and not the discomfort. He moved locations every few minutes all day long. This amazing product has calmed him down so he not rests most of the day or hangs out with me. I am able to start backing off some of the pain meds which I am so excited about!! on Jun 26th 2017

    6. 2nd bottle it works!!!

      My 13 yr old beagle has joint problems and was. Unable to jump up in her favorite chair to sleep and I noticed when we would go outside she really favored one side when she had to climb the steps to get to the house. I heard about well pet dispensary from a friend I decided to give it a try and wow after 2 months she was running up the steps and jumping up to the chair I'm very impressed with this product thank you my girl is happy! on Jun 24th 2017

    7. Excellent product

      My vet recommended this for my dog who has lung cancer. It is helping my dog with pain management. She is more relaxed and rests more comfortably. I have tried other brands but feel comfortable knowing that this product cones with the full endorsement of my vet due to get independent verification of the potency. on Jun 23rd 2017

    8. Very Helpful

      Since starting my 10 year old chocolate lab on HempRX, we have not needed to add any other pain meds. He is doing much better using this product. on Jun 16th 2017

    9. allergies

      I notice she's a lot calmer and able to rest around her bad flea allergies
      This product along with another holistic flea product
      I think I found the answer, and it's gentle
      I've been giving my frenchie 5-6 drops a few times a day.
      on Jun 11th 2017

    10. Not Sure

      I give my dog this medicine for her cancer that the doctor said is unable to go into remission. She receives a chemo pill every 21 days. Ultra sound tests reveal the cancer is still growing but at a much slower pace. So it's really hard to determine if the hemp rx works or not. It can't hurt that's why I'm using it. on Jun 6th 2017


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