Feline Minerals with taurine

0.60 LBS
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227 grams of scoopable powder per container
1 scoop (1/4 teaspoon) provides

Calcium 250 mg
Magnesium 160 mg
Iron 0.34 mg
Strontium 0.14 mg
Sodium 0.10 mg
Manganese 0.04 mg
Phosphorus 0.04 mg
Potassium 0.02 mcg
Chromium 3 mcg
l taurine (pharmaceutical grade free form amino acid 125 mg


Feline Mineral from RxVitamins for Pets provides calcium supplementation for use in cats who are receiving a home-prepared diet. Calcium supplementation is very important to help balance the high phosphorus found in meat. Without the use of calcium supplementatlon for a home prepared meal, over time the risk of developing nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism is very great. The source of the minerals in this formula are mined from ancient fossilized seabeds, including fossilized coral from an exclusive site in the western United States. This mineral source has been used as a calcium supplement in cattle, sheep horses, dogs and cats for over 25 years. Taurine is an essential amino acid for the cat and has been included in these minerals to insure that your cat receives adequate taurine with its home prepared meals.


For use in balancing the phosphorus in home prepared meals for cats.



PRODUCT USE (dose expressed is for the entire day and can be divided between meals)

0-5 pounds (0-2.27 kg) 0.5 scoop daily with meals
6-12 pounds (2.7-5.4 kg) 1 scoop daily with meals
13-20 pounds (6-9 kg) 1.5 scoops daily with meals
21-27 pounds (9.6-12.2 kg) 2 scoops daily with meals


Just as you take vitamins to help you live a more healthy life, so too will your pet benefit from supplementing with the right herbal and nutritional products.

This is no substitute for a complete and balanced diet, but so many foods these days are overly processed. A little dietary supplement might just add that extra push your pet needs to be its best.

Feel comfortable that the supplements you find at the Well-Pet Dispensary will always be of the highest standards of quality and value.


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