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25 mg hemp oil extract/soft-gel capsule
1 mg melatonin/soft-gel capsule
30 capsules per bottle

For a Healthy Response to Occasional Stress:
Car rides, especially to the vets or the groomers, thunderstorms and fireworks, air travel, visitors to your home, etc.

These small-sized soft gels pack quite a punch, containing 25 mg of ZERO THC full spectrum water soluble PCR Hemp oil in each capsule and with 1 mg of melatonin for an enhanced calming experience.

These Chill Pills are not drugs or sedatives, but can take the edge off of your pet, and make life easier for the both of you.

This Hemp oil extract has been modified to make it water soluble, using nano-emulsion technology, which makes it substantially more bioavailable than the oil based hemp extracts.

A recent pharmacokinetics study found that the water soluble hemp extract reached a peak effect in 1 hour as compared to the 2 hours it takes for the oil to reach a peak.
These same studies indicate that onset of action may be as soon as 30 minutes, as compared to 1-2 hours for the oil soluble hemp extract, and much more of the 25 mg of hemp oil will be absorbed by your dog as a result of this advanced absorption technology.

Melatonin (1 mg) has been used successfully to help dogs with anxiety, thunder phobia, separation anxiety and restlessness at night. When given in combination with hemp oil, which produces many of the same effects as melatonin, the result is an enhanced effect.

For best results, Chill Pills should be given to your dog an hour before the stressful event is anticipated. Even with its rapid onset, its always better to produce calming before the dog experiences stress, it just works better.

Hemp oil has become hugely popular with pets because it works quite well, without having any major side-effects. The hemp oil in this formula comes from the largest vertically-integrated hemp company in the US, Folium Biosciences, in Colorado Springs. This hemp extract has had almost all of its THC removed, but it still contains good levels of terpenes and the minor cannabinoids to allow for the Entourage Effect to improve its potency.

Each bottle contains 30 soft gels which contain 25 mg of phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil and 1 mg of melatonin in each small soft gel capsule.

Phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil......................................25 mg
Melatonin.............................................................................1 mg

Organic Hemp seed oil............................................................275 mg

Administration Guide:

For Use in Dogs and Primates Only:
Give 1 Chill Pill(tm) an hour before needed for calming; If needed this can be given 2-3 times daily.






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