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CHAGA MUSHROOMS for Pets -- Inonotus obliquus whole mushroom hot water extract from REAL MUSHROOMS

120 capsules of pure mushroom powder per bottle; 300 mg of mushroom per capsule

Chaga mushroom from Real Mushrooms is 100% pure mushroom hot water extract.

Chaga is an interesting fungus, in that it is not what we would call a mushroom. It is a canker, that commonly grows on birch trees. A canker is mycelium, that is growing into the living wood of the birch tree causing the tree to react and forms what looks like a cancerous growth on the tree. early peoples, seeing this tree "cancer" would think that Chaga would be good for cancer, and as it turns out, it is very good for cancer. Alexander Solzynitzen the Nobel prize winning author wrote about his own success with chaga in his book, "Cancer Ward."

The beta gluten content of chaga is lower than mushrooms because its derived from it mycelium growing in to the wood of the tree. It is not easily cultivated, so the organic mushrooms are collected in the wild (wild-crafted). It is commonly collected from birch trees in Siberia or Scandinavia. Once harvested the chanker is dried and powdered and then subjected to a hot water processing to extract as much of its active constituents as possible.  

More than 200 active molecules have been found in Chaga. Other than the beta glucans which are fairly low in concentration, betulinic acid, and other terpenes, as well as other active molecules account for the bulk of Chaga's bio-activity. Molecules such as inotodiol, betulin, lanosterol, triterpenes, and melanin. The many  active constituents in Chaga result in the powerful actions and applications for this fungus in dogs, cats, horses and humans.

Beta Glucan content guaranteed greater than 8 % beta glucans,  Starch less than 3%

Chaga mushroom has been found, historically to support the health of human patients with:

  • Weak Immune system
  • Heart disease
  • Tuberculosis
  • Preventing and treating infections
  • Cancer: Lymphoma, stomach cancer
  • Irritable bowel disease,
  • Gastritis
  • Ulcers
  • Liver disease 
  • Diabetes and hyperglycemia
  • Antioxidant

There have been no studies published with the Chaga mushroom in our pet population yet.

When taken on a daily basis, Chaga can help to improve your pet's quality of life.

This mushroom extract is highly potent and safe to use.

It has a slightly barky, woody, mildly bitter taste. This powder will be accepted by many pets.


You can see if your pet will accept the taste by opening a 300 mg capsule and mixing with its food.

If it is acceptable to your pet, you can then use the bulk pouches of Chaga that are more cost effective and last longer.

SERVING SIZE: 1 capsule which contains 300 mg of Chaga extract

0-20 pounds: 1/2 to 1 capsule daily
Give 1 capsule for each 20- 40 pounds daily

NOTE: Chaga is very safe to give, so if your pet accepts it readily, and you would like to provide a more substantial dose, you can safely double or triple the dose for greater efficacy for greater problems.






In Case of Accidental Overdose, contact a health professional immediately.


This product should not be given to animals intended for food.



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