Gastrodia and Uncaria Formula

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Tian Ma Gou Teng Pian

Pine Mountain Brand
120 tablets/525 mg per tablet

Gastrodia and Uncaria Formula
Gastrodia Mushroom (Armillaria mellea) tian ma 30%
Uncaria gou teng 20%
Haliotis shi jue ming 20%
Polygonum stem ye jiao teng 15%
Loranthus sang ji sheng 15%

The formula for Gastrodia and Uncaria was developed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in China. Gastrodia use has been recorded in some of the early texts of China, such as the Materia Medica of Shennong, a legendary figure known as the "Divine Farmer". This text was written around 100 AD.

This formula was used for a Chinese pathogen known as "Internal Wind". This is because both the gastrodia and the uncaria are known to settle down and dispel internal wind. Often the internal wind is a result of an imbalance in the liver, causing it to heat up and from the heat, wind is generated, which rises to the head resulting in headaches, muscle aches, and can even result, according to TCVM theory, in hypertension or mild seizures or convulsions. In this case we are using the Gastrodia and Uncaria because it nourishes, supports and balances the liver, resulting in less internal wind. Haliotis is high in calcium from the conch shell, which is very cooling to the liver. Polygonum stem and loranthus are both nourishing to the blood and the yin, thus further supporting the health of the liver.


<20 pounds 1 tablet twice daily
20-40 pounds 3 tablets daily
40-60 pounds 2 tablets twice daily
60-80 pounds 3 tablets twice daily
80-100+ pounds 4 tablets twice daily

NOTE: These amounts are starting points only, and can be easily increased in order to produce desired effects.

Gastrodia and Uncaria Formula is contraindicated when there is Liver wind rising that results from a yin deficiency, showing clinical signs such as red tongue body and a scant or mirror-like tongue coating. Its safety in pregnant or lactating animals has not been established, therefore it is recommended against its use in these conditions.


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