Gentiana Formula

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Long Dan Xie Gan Wan
Gentiana and Chrysanthemum Formula

Pine Mountain Brand
120 tablets
525 mg per coated tablet

Gentiana Formula
Gentiana long dan 12%
Chrysanthemum ju hua 12%
Scute huang qin 12%
Alisma ze xie 10%
Gardenia zhi zi 10%
Plantago seed che qian zi 10%
Angelica dang gui 10%
Rehmannia sheng di  8%
Bupleurum chai hu 8%
Licorice gan cao 8%

Long dan xie gan wan is one of the oldest classical Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) herbal formulations. Originally designed for humans suffering from headaches, red eyes and glaucoma, vaginitis and vulvitis, and certain types of seizures, and tinnitus, it has found many uses supporting the health of the liver and nervous system in veterinary species. In terms of Chinese medicine, this formula helps to "clear heat from the liver and gallbladder, and helps to dispel moisture." The formula was created to counter the downward flowing of damp-heat. The dampness carries the "fire" to the groin and legs, which can result in sores and swellings, and the subsequent liver fire rising upwards to the head can cause red eyes, headaches, and tinnitus. The formula is extremely bitter, so these tablets have a coating which helps a lot with administration. In this formula the original ingredient Akebia mu tong has been removed and sunstituted for with chrysanthemum, which helps to carry this formula to the head, and the eyes.

Cats:  These tablets are too large for cats. Teapill sized pills would work better for the cat. If you would like Well Pet Dispensary to carry the teapills for your cat, please write your request to Customer Service:

00-20     1 tablet twice daily
20-40     2 tablets twice daily
40-80     3 tablets twice daily
>80+     4 tablets twice daily

Long dan xie gan wan should be used  with caution in animals with deficiency and cold in the Spleen and Stomach, since this is such a cold formula, and vomiting or diarrhea may occur in these individuals following ingestion of the formula. The coated tablets halps to reduce this possibility. With respect to TCVm diagnosis, this formula is contraindicated in pateints with yang, yin and/or blood deficiencies. Its safety in pregnant or nursing animals has not been determined, therefore its use in these individuals is not recommended.



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