Glucamune FORTE 60 capsules

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Astragalus root Concentrate (2.6:1)
Astragalus membranaceous Bge. var. mongholicus (Dge.) 
200 mg
Licorice root Concentrate (3.8:1)
Glycyrrhiza glabra L 
100 mg
Naturally derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae 
100 mg


Glucamune Forte provides support for normal immune system function by promoting phagocytosis and cytokine production by many of the cells of the immune system.
Glucamune Forte contains a very high potency, highly purified and patented beta glucan material that has been derived from the cell wall of Brewer's yeast.
Because it is so purified it does not contain any allergens from the yeast.

Glucamune Forte also contains two herbal concentrates that are known for their benefit to immune function.

Glucamune Forte is provided in #2 capsules with 60 capsules to the bottle

Capsules can  be opened and mixed with a small amount of your pet's food to facilitate administration for difficult pets.

The results of In-vivo testing of Glucamune Forte in an immunological laboratory found that the mixture of these three ingredients is more potent than any single ingredient.
This is due to the synergism amongst these three ingredients.

Glucamune Forte is recommended in any situation where there is a need to promote a normal immune system response to challenges by microorganisms and toxins.
Beta glucans have been studied in dogs and have been found to support a healthy response to vaccinations by enhancing post-vaccination antibody levels.
This product is ideal for use in dogs and can be used to augment and increase the potency of OncoSupport when they are used together.

1 capsule for each 40-50 pounds once daily.
Best if given between meals with a small amount of food, if needed, to facilitate administration.

Doses that are 2-3 times higher than the recommended dose can help in situations where extra potency is desired. 


Just as you take vitamins to help you live a more healthy life, so too will your pet benefit from supplementing with the right herbal and nutritional products.

This is no substitute for a complete and balanced diet, but so many foods these days are overly processed. A little dietary supplement might just add that extra push your pet needs to be its best.

Feel comfortable that the supplements you find at the Well-Pet Dispensary will always be of the highest standards of quality and value.




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