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    HEMPRx is a liquid extract of organically grown hemp providing 15 mg of phytocannabinoids guaranteed in every milliliter.

    HempRx contains a total of 375 mg of phytocannabinoids per bottle and provides 0.5 mg per drop.

    HempRx contains 30 drops in each milliliter, which is 15 mg of phytocannabinoids (like CBD, CBG, CBC, etc.; each drop is 0.5 mg.)

    HempRx is a pleasant-tasting liquid, slightly nutty tasting from the organic hemp seed oil and slightly floral tasting from the many plant terpenes it contains.

    HempRx is extracted from the whole hemp plant, grown domestically and legally in Colorado. Using super-critical liquid CO2 extraction means that this extract is absolutely pure, with no solvent residues, no heavy metal residues, and being organically grown, this extract also contains no pesticide residues.

    HempRx contains ZERO THC which makes it safer for dogs who are very sensitive to the adverse effects of THC when given in too high an amount

    As compared to low-potency consumer-level brands of hemp labeled for pets, HempRx gives you full disclosure of how much each administration of HempRx contains, so you can more accurately provide your pet with the hemp extract it needs. Can you tell how much cannabis these consumer level products sold on the internet contain from looking at the label? No, because that information is not there. If you look closely at the label you will see they tell you what the milligram capacity is of the capsules in the package, but they do not tell you what the actual cannabinoid content is in each capsule.

    Not so with HempRx, we proudly give full disclosure of exactly what this product contains.

    HempRx is bottled in an FDA-compliant cGMP facility, and meets the high standards of manufacturing quality control required by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC.cc)

    Administration Instructions:
    Dogs and Cats:

    Give 0.1 mg/kg twice daily to start. This is the same as 1 drop for each 5 kilograms of body weight of your pet.

    Each kilogram of your pet's body weight is 2.2 pounds.

    So that translates to: 1 drop for each 11 pounds of body weight twice daily.


    There are 750 drops in each bottle.

    Pet Weight in Pounds LOW DOSE
    # drops
    # drops
    # drops
    10 1 2.5 5  
    20 2 5 10  
    30 3 7 14  
    40 4 9 18  
    50 <5 11 22  
    60 >5 13 26  
    70 6 16 32  
    80 7 18 36  
    90 8 20 40  
    100 9 23 46  


    If after 7-14 days you are not seeing the results you are looking for, then you can increase the amount you are giving to the Medium Dose (0.25 mg/kg twice daily.)

    If that still is not sufficient to create the desired results, then increasing the dosage to  the High Dose (0.5 mg/kg twice daily) is recommended

    Analysis of HempRx:

    Potency Results(per 25 mls)
      Wt (%) (mg/g)
    CBD 1.45 14.52
    CBG 0.02 0.23
    CBN <0.01 <0.1
    CBC 0.06 0.63
    CBD-A 0.05 0.55
    Max THC ND ND
    Max CBD 1.50 15.00
    Total Actives 1.64 16.44
    Terpene Potency
    Wt. (%)  
    d-Limonene 0.0028-0.014
    Eucalyptol 0.0028-0.0057
    a-Humulene 0.014-0.057
    a-Pinene 0.0028-0.014
    b-Caryophyllene 0.028-0.14
    Myrcene 0.0028
    a-Bisabolol 0.0028
    Phytol 0.0057
    Linalool 0.0028
    Nerdilol 0.0028
    Residual Solvents Results
    Propane Not detected
    Isobutane Not detected
    Butane Not detected
    Ethanol Not detected
    Pentane Not detected
    Isopropanol Not detected
    Hexane Not detected
    Acetone Not detected
    *Limit = 5000 ppm Not detected
    Pesticide and Heavy Metal Results
    Acequinocyl Not detected
    Pyrethrium Not detected
    Spiromesifen Not detected
    Abamectin  Not detected
    Imidacloprid Not detected
    Spinosad Not detected
    Spirotetramat Not detected
    Bifenazate Not detected
    Fenoxycarb Not detected
    Paclobutrazol Not detected
    Heavy Metals None detected (Criteria <10 ppm)
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    1. Very Pleased!

      I have a 16 yr old cat with degenerative joint disease. The meds she was on prescribed by the vet worked, but also can have adverse affects on her kidneys so I was looking for an alternative.

      Almost immediately, since I took her off the other meds and started giving her HempRx I see a big change in her quality of life. She's more mobile and alert, eating, drinking, using the litter box with less difficulty.

      This is not going to cure her, but it is certainly making what time she has left more comfortable and quality filled without the threat of additional kidney issues from the other meds.

      on Sep 11th 2018

    2. Gave Senior Dog New Lease on Life

      I have two senior 50-pound dogs, Sunny (13), with arthritis and Joey (14-15). Joey had extremely weak and wobbly back legs, slipped on the floors a lot, with limited hearing and vision. I thought he was confused sometimes, particularly at night, missing the door on a few occasions. For weeks he woke me up at least once during the night to go out, sometimes more. Also, I frequently had to let him out multiple times in the hour before we went to bed, and he’d go every time. Overall, he just seemed so old and fragile, I thought every day was going to be his last. Before I started them on the HempRx, they were both on Gabapentin and Carprofen. Not long after, they both started to have diarrhea, which was listed as a possible side effect of both pills, so I stopped the medications and just kept them on the hemp, 5 drops twice a day. With Sunny, I thought she was a little stiffer without the Gabapentin, although not as bad as before any medication, so I kept up with the hemp, figuring it was better than nothing. With Joey, there was a huge positive difference. His walking became stronger, he even jumped on the bed, something he hadn’t done in 8 months, and he slips much less often. He was more alert, less stressed, and he stopped waking up during the night. He needs to go out much less frequently, and sleeps a deep sleep at night, without heavy panting. My pet sitter, who had been with them for 2 weeks right before I started the hemp, came recently and was amazed at his improvement. I no longer worry about him all the time, and am thrilled that his golden years are more comfortable. I put them on special food, which got their stomachs back to normal but I’m happy with Joey’s health, so I’m keeping him off the other medications and sticking with the HempRx only. I’m going to try to put Sunny back on the Gabapentin, since I saw less impressive results for her. I’m keeping her on the hemp, too, just in case her stomach issues come back, since it did give her some relief although not as noticeable as with Joey. All in all, I highly recommend that people give it a try. on Aug 16th 2018

    3. Our dog seems 2 years younger!

      Our senior samoyed has permanent nerve damage from two years ago when he fell while running up a steep hill. We were afraid we were nearing the end (he was having #2 accidents every day and had a really hard time standing up on his own and not slipping on our floors). We asked our vet about CBD oil & he said we could try it and that most of the information he's seen on it was the HempRX brand. We decided to try it once he got used to his prescription medicine again and it's made SUCH a difference! He hasn't had an accident since being on it. He stands up quickly on his own and follows us around the house again without slipping or falling down. I'm truly amazed at how well this worked and that it worked the first day he was on it. I definitely recommend trying it, even if you're skeptical. Thank you! on Aug 15th 2018

    4. Recommended by Our Veterinarian

      Our nearly 15 year old dog suffers from arthritis, a bit of dementia and she wasn’t eating much after a month of suffering from vestibular disease. She was also waking several times each night pacing and panting seemingly confused and uncomfortable. We spoke to our veterinarian and she recommended we try this specific brand of CBD oil. I bought the first bottle from her offfice at nearly $125. I was a bit skeptical, but we love our dog and thought we’d give this a try. It didn’t help with her appetite, but she now sleeps comfortably throughout the night and her arthritis symptoms seem less severe using 5 drops of CBD oil twice daily to supplement the Rimadyl and glucosamine supplements she’s been taking for years. So, I’m now a believer and this is a great product. I know it’s expensive, but Well-Pet Dispensary is $25 less than my vet charges for the same product. on Aug 11th 2018

    5. Great Product!

      We are very pleased with this product for our cat. Her arthritic pain has diminished and she seems to find the oil very palatable. I would highly recommend. on Aug 11th 2018

    6. Best calming agent

      we've used several different CBD oils for our dog. She knows at 9AM that a thunderstorm is coming at 5PM, and is frantic all day if we don't give her something. This is, by far, the best oil we have found! on Aug 8th 2018

    7. vet recommended

      We started our girl on Hemp RX after she was having mild idiopathic seizures. Since staying on Hemp RX twice daily we have seen improvement in severity the seizures are much milder and we are typically going 55-75 days between any activity at all. The seizures are only singular and over in 30-45 seconds. It’s made me happy and my vet is happy with this treatment too. on Jul 31st 2018

    8. help for man's best friend

      I have a 14-year-old greyhound who is under veterinary hospice care. He has been uncharacteristically anxious as of late and has degenerating myelopathy and a muscle relaxant would be a really bad idea for him. Hemp Rx helps him to be much calmer, but he remains alert and coordinated despite his nerve weakness. on Jul 24th 2018


      i am thankful for having been introduced to these products. You can trust that what is listed on the bottle is in there. Dr.Silver has given much of his life to make sure his products are the highest quality because he is honest and truly cares. My 16 year ole shih Tzu has experienced wonderful results with the RXBiotic, clay and CBD. I placed order of CBD with Mrs. Silver. She was a delight giving me top professional knowledge. Thank You on Jul 15th 2018

    10. A Life Saver

      My elderly pug had was suddenly stiff with pain and discomfort. Hemp oil was recommended by a friend and my pug has been pain free ever since I started giving him four drops in each meal. It has been working almost two years now. Prescription meds did not help, and I think the hemp oil saved his life. He is happy, playful and runs freely at 14 1/2 years old. on Jul 12th 2018


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