Medical Marijuana and Your Pet: The Definitive Guide--NOOK Version

MMJ&Pet-Nook Downloadable

Medical Marijuana and Your Pet is a guide for pet owners who are wondering if medical cannabis might help their pets who have problems that aren't easily solved by conventional medicine.

Written by Dr. Robert Silver, a holistic and herbal veterinarian who has practiced in Colorado throughout the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

Dr. Silver provides information that can help pet owners understand better the benefits and the potential risks of using medical marijuana for their pets who have serious medical problems. Dr. Silver describes medical research from the 1970s that found that dogs are more sensitive to the adverse effects of THC than any other species.

Dr. Silver writes that this book is not about getting pets HIGH. This book is about getting pets WELL.

The book is available in a 6 X 9 soft-bound print version, or downloadable in a variety of eBook formats.

Medical Marijuana and Your Pet provides information about products you may find in a dispensary, and explains which of these products are safer than others. In the 9th chapter of this book, Dr. Silver gives 6 recipes for marijuana for your pet, explaining how to make extracts from butter or coconut or olive oils, or simply how to make a tea from cannabis. Dr. Silver gives you guidance for getting your pet started safely on medical marijuana, and explains how hemp based CBD extracts are safer than medical marijuana due to the lower, non-psychotropic amount of THC found in Hemp plants.

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