Ji Xue Formula

0.13 LBS
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60 tablets per bottle
Each tablet contains

Spatholobus 20%
Astragalus root 14%
Job's Tears Seed 11%
Polygonum root 8%
Tang kuei root 8%
Cordyceps mushroom 8%
Chinese red peony root 8%
Fermented leaven 8%
Rehmannia root (prepared) 5%
Schisandra fruit 4%
Bitter orange 3%
Gardenia fruit 3%

This formula is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has been designed, according to TCM indications to: "Supplement blood and qi, nourish blood and essence, help to invigorate the blood and promote the smooth flow of qi, promote healthy digestive function, drain dampness, resolve toxin and to anchor qi and essence." It contains herbs that help to support the normal production of white and red blood cells, as well as herbs that support a healthy immune system and digestive function.

Support of the patient who has a cancer diagnosis or who is undergoing cancer therapy


1/4-1/2 tablet crushed and mixed with food or administered directly twice daily


<15 pounds 1/4-1/2 tablet twice daily
15-30 pounds 1/2-1 tablet twice daily
30-60 pounds 1-1.5 tablet twice daily
>60 pounds 2 tablets twice daily


Just as you take vitamins to help you live a more healthy life, so too will your pet benefit from supplementing with the right herbal and nutritional products.

This is no substitute for a complete and balanced diet, but so many foods these days are overly processed. A little dietary supplement might just add that extra push your pet needs to be its best.

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