WildSide Salmon Treats

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Provided in a convenient 4 ounce metal-foil reclosable bag

These treats are the best! Manufactured from wild-caught Alaskan salmon and then freeze dried into jumbo cubes that can be fed as a whole piece for your larger pets or can be broken up into smaller pieces for your smaller dogs and cats. Although labeled for dogs, these cubes are the most economical way to use this treat. Just don't tell your feline friends that the bag says: "For Dogs" on it! These treats are highly palatable to almost all critters who try them.

These treats can help to make giving supplement pills easier to pets who are reluctanct supplement takers. Veterinarian recommended, if you use some cream cheese or peanut butter or even a small "schmeer" of canned food or something like a pill-pocket, you can then "dust" the coated capsule or tablet with the broken up Wild Alaskan Salmon treat powder, and stand back while your pickey guy gobbles the pill up with the salmon powder! It helps to give them just the salmon treat first so they develop a "passion" for it. Then try this technique. It works better with smaller capsules or pills, and isn't guaranteed to work in every pet every time, but it sure improves your chances when it comes to giving those all-important supplements to your pet.

To be totally transparent, the salmon in these treats is from Alaska, and being wild is as close to organic as you can get.  These treats are freeze-dried and pouched in China under strict HAACP quality guidelines. Nothing is added, just 100% Wild Salmon. HAACP guidelines are the most stringent for quality control and purity in the world. This means that although there are problems with some treats from China, these are unadulterated and pure and guaranteed to be so based on HAACP standards, which are  international standards.

The WildSide Pet Products state of the art, HAACP approved, human grade food processing facility in China has the capability to fillet, freeze, prepare, freeze dry and package their WildsideSalmon products in a single location. The quality of their finished product is unsurpassed and backed by US independent lab tests, as well as by the USFDA. 

What is HACCP? HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. The HACCP system focuses on identifying and preventing hazards that could cause foodborne illnesses rather than relying on spot-checks of manufacturing processes of finished seafood products to ensure safety. FDA's 1997 science-based HACCP regulations initiated a landmark program designed to increase the margin of safety that U.S. consumers already enjoyed and to reduce seafood related illnesses to
the lowest possible levels.

The main safeguard WildSide Pet Products have in place is the simplicity of a single, wild ingredient from Alaska. Wild Salmon are tested each and every season for a wide variety of contaminates including but not limited to heavy metals. Their products are produced in an HAACP approved human quality facility (with much higher standards) and not a pet food plant. The FDA also tests their products regularly to ensure quality. 

Their long-term production partners in China have a state of the art facility which is monitored by their staff living in China. They also visit the facility several times each year to oversee production. 

Again, WildSideSalmon treats are tested and approved for human consumption and contain no ingredients from China, just 100% Wild Alaskan pink and keta salmon.


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