Foundation Duo for Dogs

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The Foundation Duo for Dogs combines RxVitamins for Pets' OncoSupport with a large 16 ounce 14 Mushroom Blend from Mushroom Harvest. As a duo, these two powerful nutritional and herbal supplements work together really well, especially for pets with cancer or chronic disease.

20% Discount: The Holistic Cancer Vet has discounted the Foundation Duo for Dogs to help you incorporate this Wellness plan as an affordable long-term program for your dogs.

OncoSupport (300 grams; powder): The antioxidant and immune enhancing ingredients in OncoSupport enhance the normal function of the immune system in dogs. Its use is recommended for any situation in which a dog would have need for a strong immune system. the ingredients in OncoSupport have been found to improve the function of the white blood cells, as well as to assist the detoxification system to address potentially toxic pharmaceuticals and other sources of toxins by improving the liver's ability to remove toxins from the system. Many scientific studies support the benefit of daily antioxidant and immune enhancing agents given together to create and maintain improved quality of life for your pet, whether they've been idagnosed with cancer or are completely healthy and want to stay that way.

14 Mushroom Blend from Mushroom Harvest (16 oz.; powder): This finely ground powder is certfied by the USDA as organically grown, containing the activated preparation of 14 different potent medicinal mushrooms. This mixture is rich in beta glucans, arabinoxylans, glycoproteins, triterpenes and antioxidants. The broad spectrum of ingredients in the 14 Mushroom Blend have been shown to create a very positive benefit to the immune system. This complex formula will help provide powerful nutritional support to help improve immune function. Medical mushrooms have been in use for thousands of years by people for wellness and management of chronic conditions, and are now available for your pet in the Holistic Cancer Vet Apawthecary Shoppe.

These two products, in combination with a healthy, wholesome diet, can be the cornerstones to a strong and healthy foundation for all critters, great and small, but especially for those challenged by medical problems such as cancer or other chronic conditions.


Just as you take vitamins to help you live a more healthy life, so too will your pet benefit from supplementing with the right herbal and nutritional products.

This is no substitute for a complete and balanced diet, but so many foods these days are overly processed. A little dietary supplement might just add that extra push your pet needs to be its best.

Feel comfortable that the supplements you find at the Well-Pet Dispensary will always be of the highest standards of quality and value.



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