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JADE SCREEN TABLETS (jia wei yu ping feng pian)
Seven Forests 250 tablets/bottle

Respiratory Protective formula:
This formula from the Traditional Chinese medical tradition has been used historically to improve the body's resistance to invading pathogens such as viral infections by strengthening the Wei Qi of the body. In Chinese medical theory the Wei Qi is the protective effect of the immune system.

Research studies into the effects of this formula indicates that this formula regulates immune function, both aiding in the fight against infections, but also reducing allergic responses.

The herbs in the formula, especially the astragalus and siler are thought to be mutually synergistic, each enhancing the other's activity in support of normalizing immune function in the face of invading pathogens. According to TCM, the Jade Screen Formula benefits the qi, consolidates the surface, and stops excessive sweating. This formula has been found to be safe and effective for children, whether they are experiencing frequent infections such as the common cold or influenza or if they have allergies.

Reviews of clinical applications of Jade Screen tablets (Liu Zhi, Clinical and experimental studies on Yupingfeng San, Fujian Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1989; 20(6): 36-37. and Yang Peiquan and Hu Xiaobin, Pharmacological studies and clinical application of Yupingfeng San, West China Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1992; 7(1): 41-44.) indicated the following uses for this formula:
1. Prevention and treatment of common cold and influenza as well as "summer fever" (acute infection with a fever that occurs in summer rather than during the winter cold/flu season) mainly in children
2. Cough and asthma
3. Rhinitis, especially allergic rhinitis
4. Urticaria, allergic dermatitis, erythema multiforme
5. Viral myocarditis and its complications, premature beats in coronary artery disease
6. Chronic nephritis
7. Hemorrhagic purpura
8. Meniere's syndrome
9. Facial palsy


Astragalus membranaceous huangqi 25%
Siler (Ledebourilla divaricata)
fangfeng 18%
Atractylodes macrocephalae
baizhu 15%
Centipeda minima
ebushicao 12%
Houttuynia cordata
yuxingcao 12%
Glehnia littoralis
beishashen 12%
Licorice root (Zingiber officinale)
gancao 6%


 Suggested Use:

2-3 tablets three times daily; 3-4 tablets twice daily for convenience



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