Zhong Gan Ling Formula 60 tablets

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Zhong Gan Ling Formula (Golden Flower Brand) 60 tablets 600 mg per tablet


This product is designed for humans, although pets can take it safely if they have a viral infection. This product is one of many offerings on this website to help keep humans healthy and happy so they can continue to care for their beloved pets.

This Chinese herbal product is recommended as an anti-viral agent to either help to protect from viral diseases or to help the body overcome these invisible agents of disease.

Based on feedback from the SARS epidemic in 2003-2004, the herbs in this formula were very helpful. This doesn't substitute for social distancing or self-quarantines, but may give a competitive protective edge.

Zhong Gan Ling Formula is a Chinese patent formula for severe common cold and flu, with fever from wind-heat (the TCM words for viral infection) Isatis and oldenlandia have been added to increase this formula's ability to clear heat-toxin (the result of viral infection)


Ilicis Pubescentis Radix (Pubescent Holly Root, Ilex / Mao Dong Qing) 19.6% 
Puerariae Radix (Kudzu Root / Ge Gen) 19.6% 
Isatidis Folium (Isatis Leaf, Indigo Woad Leaf / Da Qing Ye) 14.6% 
Verbenae Herba (Verbena / Ma Bian Cao) 13% 
Hedyotis Diffusae Herba (Hedyotis, Oldenlandia / Bai Hua She She Cao) 13% 
Isatidis seu Baphicacanthis Radix (Isatis Root / Ban Lan Gen) 10.1% 
Artemisiae Annuae Herba (Sweet Wormwood / Qing Hao) 5% 
Gypsum Fibrosum (Gypsum / Shi Gao) 2.9% 
Notopterygii Rhizoma seu Radix (Notopterygium / Qiang Huo) 2.2%


Suggested use: 2-3 tablets three times daily


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