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CBD for Pets

Shop here for your trusted source in CBD products for pets selected by Dr. Robert Silver DVM. You can be sure that any product carried by the Well-Pet Dispensary is free of contamination and will meet its label claims for potency.

Treats N Stuff for Dogs and Cats


Herbal and nutritional supplements in this category provide daily support for the normal structure and function of your pets’ body.

These products can help to create "daily wellness" when used as part of a comprehensive program that includes a wholesome and balanced diet and "smart" lifestyle choices.

Herbal and nutritional supplements


The items in this category are "Targeted” approaches that support a healthy whole- body response to specific challenges.

Dog Care Products

Pet Comfort

The products in this category are meant to enhance your pets quality of life. Its the basic things in life that mean the most: Enjoyment of food; Mobility; Freedom from pain; Control over urination and defecation.

Pet Comfort

Balanced Diet

A wholesome and balanced diet can help support your pet through the most difficult of times. Many manufactured pet foods do not contain food-bound antioxidants and healthy micronutrients...

Balanced Diet for Pet


Chill, Kitty Kitty Calming Chews from Oko'a Pet

Chill, Kitty Kitty Calming Chews from Oko'a Pet

HempRx Feline Drops

HempRx Feline Drops

Hush Puppy Calming Chews from Oko'a Pet

Hush Puppy Calming Chews from Oko'a Pet

Mobility Chews from Oko'a Pet

Mobility Chews from Oko'a Pet


Product Reviews

Great product!
My dog is doing very well on this and other natural products.. He was diagnosed with multiple myloma (cancer of the immune system).

Karen L Rogers on Jan 15th 2017

Excellent supplement
My dog, diagnosed with multiple myloma (cancer of the immune system) is doing very well on this supplement (along with other products recommended by Dr. Silver).

Karen L Rogers on Sep 24th 2016

Yunnan Pai Yao
I have not used this product yet and hopefully never will - but I have it in my animal/human emergency kit just in case. The price was good and the order/shipping process was seamless.

Cathie on Dec 7th 2015

Great Product!
We are very pleased with this product for our cat. Her arthritic pain has diminished and she seems to find the oil very palatable. I would highly recommend.

kelly on Aug 11th 2018

Tremor help
This product has helped my 13 year old Jack Russell's tremors. Easy to administer...he loves the soft chewy. Easy to order and a wealth of info on the site.

Denise W on Apr 30th 2018

Very useful for Primate health
Silver Naturals Hemp Oil has been very useful for treating chronic lower back and overall pain for the aging primates in our care.

Paco's Plumbumpy Animal Refuge on Jul 16th 2018

About The Well-Pet Dispensary

Established by Dr. Robert Silver, a noted holistic-integrative veterinarian, of over 30 years' experience in clinical small animal practice using supplements for pets just like yours. Dr. Silver is a pioneer in the field of holistic and integrative care for pets. Dr. Silver has been the Chief Medical Officer of RxVitamins for Pets, a veterinary nutraceutical company for 25 years. He has formulated 37 products for veterinary use, and is a national expert on the science and medicine of animal nutraceuticals and the use of cannabis and hemp products for pets.

The Well-Pet Dispensary carries many unique, high-potency professional-grade nutritional and herbal supplements that are hard to find elsewhere and also all in the same shopping place. These natural supplements can help you to create a healthy and natural approach to your pets' health.

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