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About Veterinary Wholesale Accounts

Dr. Silver, a veterinarian, wants to extend very good, discounted prices to veterinarians that will allow them to make a good margin on the sale of his branded Doc Silver Naturals CBD products. The discount level to the veterinarian is based on the minimum quantities ordered. Dr. Silver understands that some veterinarians (house call vets, for instance) may not need to order as many as the highest discount tier, so is offering three tiers of discounts based on the MRSP cost of the least expensive Doc Silver Natural’s tincture, the Silver Bullet. As long as you meet this minimum amount you can order any mix or match of products. This is a way to give the vet the best possible advantage to get a good return on their investment in these products, and to provide this potent emerging therapeutic at a reasonable cost to the pet parent.

You must fill out the application form that will appear after you have read this information and have acknowledged that by clicking the button that says “I Understand These Terms”. The application will have your shipping address, contact person, and veterinary license of your veterinarian. If you have a tax resale license we can waive your taxes. Some vets live in states without sales tax, and so this would not be necessary to fill in for those circumstances.


1. You will automatically get a 60% discount if you order the equivalent of 12 bottles of the Sterling Silver ($75 MSRP), which is an amount of $900. You can mix and match with the Silver Bullet and the three new dog or cat chews: SilverDog, SilverCat, and Rehab Helpers. You will not see the discounted price until you reach this dollar threshold.

2. If you order the dollar equivalent of 6-11 bottles of the Sterling Silver, which would have a $450 threshold, then you will get a 50% discount on the MSRP of these products you order, which can also be mix or match to reach that threshold.
a. Once you have filled out the Application Form, Dr Silver will review it and then “turn the switch” that makes your account wholesale.
b. Dr Silver will issue a unique, evergreen 50% discount code that you will use when you order for a discount at this level.

3. For those vets that cannot meet either minimum or just want to order for their own pets or an occasional client, Dr. Silver will also issue along with the 50% discount coupon code, a 25% discount coupon code unique to your account, that is good for any product on the www.wellpetdispensary website, with no minimum order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE EMAIL: rsilver@drsilverdvm.com upon completion with a subject line of "Vet Account Application"

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