About the Apawthecary

The Apawthecaries at The Well-Pet Dispensary have separate entrances for Doggie Customers and Kittie Customers,
'cause we don't want no fights :-)


Each Apawthecary has been divided up into 5 separate categories to aid you in your search for the right supplement
These Five Categories are:

Items found in this category, whether for dogs or cats, are good to help support your pet's health. They provide good support for pets because they contain antioxidants, fish oils, medicinal mushroom polysaccharides, immune-enhancing plant derivatives, and other beneficial phytonutrients.

Healthy Diet Help:
Most people want to make changes in their pet's diet when their dog or cat is facing a health challenge. The items found in this category will help you to make a home-prepared diet for pet better, by balancing it with calcium, a multi vitamin-mineral powder, and with high potency fish oils. Many of these supplements can also be used with your pets' regular diet as a way of improving the level of nutrients not available in a processed pet food.

Specific health challenges need nutritional support specific to each different challenge. The supplements in this category have been chosen because of their ability to help support the health of a patient with a specific diagnosis. These supplements are not meant to treat a disease, but assist in maintaining the normal function of the body in order to maintain optimal health and quality of life.

Pet Comfort:
Natural supplements and herbs can really help support the healthy functioning of the digestive tract. Pets with poor appetite, diarrhea or vomiting often will benefit from common culinary herbs like ginger root or white rice. The herbs and supplements found in this category are not meant to substitute for the appropriate pharmaceuticals, but can work very well when used for your pets. Some of the supplements in this category can help support your pets' health while it is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation without interfering with the success of those strong cancer therapies.

Treats n' Books n' Stuff:
All work and no play makes for a very dull day! The items found in this category include:
Healthy treats that are non-GMO, domestically-sourced, high protein and very very tasty  (Yum!)
Print books and e-books that can help you learn more about how to help your pets.
The "Stuff" you'll find here are items specific to pets who have special needs like your own pets, or are items for remembrance of the good times, long after our four-legged friends have moved on to their new home across the Rainbow Bridge.


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