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About The Well-Pet Dispensary


The Well-Pet Dispensary was established in 2014 by Dr. Robert Silver as a way for him to continue helping pets through his knowledge of the value of herbs and nutraceuticals and diets. After Dr. Silver sold his Boulder’s Natural Animal practice in 2010, he wanted to still be able to help his critter friends, just as he was able to help them with the use of supplements when he was in day to day practice.


As a result, the Well-Pet Dispensary carries many formulas that aren’t usually available on-line, formulas that are only available in their higher potency format for medical practitioners such as veterinarians, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors and functional medicine doctors. A few of these formulas require a veterinarian’s prescription or recommendation for the use of these Chinese herbal products for your pet with cancer or other serious diseases.


The Well-Pet Dispensary is organized by Dogs, Cats, and Pet-Parents:

The Apawthecary Shoppe for Dogs contains supplements that are designed and labeled for dogs or human supplements than can be used safely and effectively off-label for dogs, such as some of the mushroom extracts we have available.

The Apawthecary Shoppe for Cats, like the dog tab, contains supplements that are designed and labeled for cats, or are human or dog supplements that can be used safely and effectively off-label for cats.

The Apothecary Shoppe for Pet-Parents, contains all of the human labeled supplements we carry, most of which have been recommended for dog or cat use, but which are labeled for human use. We’ve just added this category because so many pet parents have asked if they can use these same products. This will help guide their use. After all if you aren’t staying healthy, how can you help to keep your pet healthy? Dr Silver and his family take a lot of these human labeled supplements to keep them healthy and happy.

Each Category is then organized into the following menu items:

All = this contains the full listing of supplements for that category (Dog, Cat, Pet-Parent)

Wellcare = this category contains immune tonics and other formulas to help you stay well and healthy; they are not specifically directed to any system or problem, but are for “Wellness”.

Targeted-Support = this category contains supplements that are directed to a specific system for specific reasons. That’s why it is “Targeted”. Here you will find the appropriate specific supplements you may need for your dog, cat or yourself.

Comfort for Dogs, Cats, Pet-Parents = this category has supplements that help to provide “comfort” for your dog, cat or yourself.

Balanced Diet Supplements = For the pet-parent who does home diet preparation, these supplements will help to provide balance for calcium, vitamins and minerals to whatever diet you are preparing for your dog or cat. Some of these can also be used to improve the nutritional plane of the commercial diet you are feeding.

RxVitamins for Dogs, Cats, Pet-Parents = this category contains all of the RxVitamins products that are being offered on this website.

Treats and Books and Stuff for Dogs, Cats and Pet-Parents = this category contains the different formats of the eBook, Medical Marijuana and Your Pet, as well as the soft-bound version, and an online course, Pet Cannabis that you can sign up for, as well as tasty biscuits and soft-chews with CBD in them and those amazing freeze-dried Wild Alaskan Salmon treats that are what Dr Silver uses to administer his CBD oil to his old picky 20 year old Bengal cat.

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