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PHOS-BIND 35 grams pure ALOH from RxVitamins

Years of research studies support that managing and controlling your pet's serum phosphorus is the single most important thing you can do to help it live longer and better with Chronic Kidney Disease.

The simplest, safest and cheapest way to manage serum phosphorus, other than feeding lower phosphorus foods, is to use a "Phosphate Bind" such as Phos-Bind, which prevents phosphorus from being absorbed from each meal in the digestive tract.


Studies have found that giving 100 mg/kilogram of body weight mixed with the food each day works the best for most cases of Chronic Kidney disease. You should discuss this with your veterinarian because they will be doing followup blood work to make sure the Phos-Bind is bringing your pet's serum phosphorus down to low normal levels, which is where it should be.

(A kilogram is 2.2 pounds. So if your dog weighs 25 pounds it weighs 11.4 kg and would therefore get 1140 mg of Phos-Bind which would be 2 scoops)

Phos-Bind is tasteless and odorless, so you will have no problems giving it to your pet. If your pet gets dry food, you can use the Shake and Bake approach by putting the day's kibble in a bag and then adding the day's amount of Phos-Bind, and shaking the bag to distribute the Phos-Bind uniformly over the food. It adheres to the fatty digest covering that pet food manufacturers use to make the food palatable. Feed your pet its normal amount of food.

Each scoop that is included in the Phos-Bind contains 500 mg of aluminum hydroxide, which is what binds up the phosphorus so your pet won't absorb it from its food. Don't worry about the aluminum in the Phos-Bind. Unless your pet is taking magnesium or potassium citrate for oxalate bladder stones, none of the aluminum is normally absorbed from the Phos-Bind in the gut.


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