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SilverDog with Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps

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SILVERDOG soft chews have been reformulated for better taste and improved performance. Each soft chew morsel contains 6 mg of broad spectrum CBD combined with 3 mg of pure CBG. BUT NOW each tasty chew also contains 300 mg of Lion's Mane mushroom extract and 300 mg of Cordyceps mushroom extract.

That's as much mushroom extract as in 2 capsules: 300 mg/single capsule of the Lion's Mane for Pets and 300 mg/single capsule of the Cordyceps for Pets!!

Lion's Mane is the most popular mushroom in North America today, due to its benefit for cognition, memory and mental stress reduction. These qualities can benefit our pets too, providing focus when training, or when just out for a nice afternoon walk. Lion's Mane has potential to address senior cognitive decline in our elder pets, just as it has been helping our elderly human types.

Cordyceps mushroom extract helps the body increase its energy, but not in a jittery way as with coffee. It calms the mind at the same time as it increases energy in a way similar to how coffee does it, but without the edgy nerves that coffee can often create.

Both the cordyceps and Lion's Mane mushrooms also contain substantial amount of the immune modulating polysaccharide, beta glucan, so these chews will also help strengthen your pet's immune system at the same time as providing energy and focus.

The CBD works synergistically with the CBG to improve mobility, provide a healthy response to occasional inflammation, and can also provide some calming and settling of the mind for you or for your pets.

There is absolutely NO THC in this product, so no worries about that.

HOW MUCH TO GIVE TO MY DOG? A serving size is 1 chew

Give 1 chew twice daily for each 25 pounds of body weight. Higher amounts can be given if, after 2 weeks results are not as expected.

NOTE: For most problems that CBD:CBG can address, each chew is sufficient for a 25 pound dog, given twice daily.

Some problems may take a larger amount to help, so giving 2-3 times as much is quite safe, and may actually be more effective.

The Lion's Mane and Cordyceps at the amount in these chews will provide a potent amount for a 25 pound dog. Many mushrooms are also considered tasty edibles, and as such are extremely safe, even at higher doses. A high dose of cordyceps for instance will not create "jitters" or "too much" energy. A high dose of the Lion's Mane is calming but never sedating.



ACTIVE INGREDIENTS per 4.5 gram soft chew

Naturally-occuring CBD (cannabidiol)  
Naturally-occuring CBG (cannabigerol) 3 mg
LION'S MANE (Hericium erinaceus) whole mushroom extract with >25% beta glucans 300 mg
CORDYCEPS (Cordyceps militaris) whole mushroom extract with >25% beta glucans 300 mg

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS per 4.5 gram chew


Arabic gum, Brewer’s Yeast, Buffered white distilled vinegar, Guar gum, hemp protein powder (organic), Natural Pork flavor, Natural smoke flavor, Norwegian salmon oil (unrefined fresh), salmon meal (partially hydrolyzed salmon protein), Rosemary extract, Sunflower lecithin (GMO-free), Sweet potato powder (GMO-free), Tapioca powder, Vegetable glycerin.








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