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The Truth About Pet Anxiety --A downloadable eBook


THE TRUTH ABOUT PET ANXIETY:  A downloadable eBook to Help Your Anxious Pet

Written by Doc Rob Silver DVM, MS FACVBM

Doc Rob has written a detailed 30 page eBook discussing how you can best understand the anxiety and fears that your four legged friend is suffering from. Doc solve gives in great depth and detail how you can help your pet feel better using Natural Therapies such as medicinal mushrooms, cannabis and CBD, Dietary changes, OTC pharmaceuticals, pheromone sprays, the Calming Loop, behavioral training and household modifications

If your pet has anxieties this book will provide you with the information you've been looking for.

Anxiety in pets is growing as our culture becomes more complicated, and they are not easy to manage. Addressing anxiety takes a combined effort from yourself,  your veterinarian, and your trainer. Some pets will respond really well to these natural approaches, but some pet fears and anxieties are very severe and it takes a greater effort and more time for these natural approaches to work.

This eBook can give you and your vet some guidance in terms of avoiding the strong drugs that are commonly used to manage anxiety, and how to use effectively  the many natural supplements that are available on line and in pet stores and health food stores.


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