P.E.A. Palmitoylethanolamide 400 mg 90 capsules

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P.E.A. (Palmitolyethanolamide) 400 mg  90 vegetarian capsules
36 grams of PEA per bottle
Micronized for Better Absorption

Pronounced: "Palm-it Toil Ethan All A Mide" or Just: "P - E - A"

Palmitoyethanolamide (or just P.E.A) is a fatty compound similar to CBD that is naturally occurring in all mammals and in many foods we eat everyday, such as eggs.

It is very safe, and plays a crucial role in our body's and our pets bodies' responses to trauma, inflammation and pain.

PEA use has been studied in dogs and cats for allergies, and several studies support its use for that problem.

Other studies have found PEA to be helpful for pets experiencing pain, and one recent study found that when PEA is used in combination with CBD they both work together even better than individually to reduce discomfort.

The dosage of PEA is quite low and reasonable.

  • For Dogs it is suggested to give 10 mg of PEA for every kilogram of body weight, twice daily
  • For Cats it is suggested to give 15 mg of PEA for every kilogram of body weight, twice daily
  • For Horses it is suggested to give 2 mg/kg PEA for each kilogram of body weight twice daily

The Administration Guides below will help you to figure out how much PEA to give to your dog or your cat (or Horse!)


0-20 pounds               ¼ capsule twice daily

20-40 pounds             ½ capsule twice daily

40-60 pounds             ¾ capsule twice daily

60-80 pounds             1 capsule twice daily

80-100 pounds           1.25 capsules twice daily 

100-120 pounds.        1.5  capsules twice daily 

120-140 pounds.        1.75 capsules twice daily

140-160 pounds         2.0 capsules twice daily


0-15 pounds                ¼ capsule twice daily

20-25 pounds              ½ capsule twice daily


1200 pounds               6 capsules twice daily



This product contains a total of 36 grams of PEA derived from non-GMO safflower oil in 90 hard shell capsules containing 400 mg in each capsule.

This PEA is "micronized", which means its been ground down to a smaller-sized particle which will be better absorbed.

This is a human product and the best quality and least expensive available.

PEA is a very safe compound, commonly found in foods and in our own bodies, so it is non-toxic and can be given at amounts greater than the amounts used in the studies safely, without worry.

This means that if you are using this product for a smaller animal it is easy to open a capsule and sprinkle a fraction of its contents into your pets' food. Easy Peezy to give, and very very cost effective. Not to worry if you are giving more than that tiny 1/4 capsule amount. It won't hurt and may even work better with a greater amount administered.

PEA will take some time to have a benefit, so don't get impatient for results. I would give it a minimum of a month, and more likely 3-6 months for full effect. Some pets may respond sooner depending upon what they are dealing with. Potential applications that have been cited in the research as places where PEA can be supportive of health, include seasonal allergies, chronic pain, feline rodent ulcers, autoimmune disease, chronic infections. Some neurologic conditions associated with neuropathies may also be supported by PEA.

One published study found an additive effect when PEA is used together with CBD and other cannabinoids like CBG as found in The Silver Bullet, Sterling Silver, SilverDog, SilverCat and Rehab Helpers.




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