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RxCurcuWIN Hard-Chew Tablets 90 tablets/
bottle 40 mg curcuminoids/
250 mg tablet

The Most Technologically Advanced Turmeric Absorption Platform in the World!

Nearly 50 times more bioavailable than standard Curcumin extracts from Turmeric

Each chew tab contains 40 mg of curcuminoids: 1 tablet for each 10 kg (22 pounds) of body weight twice daily.

Turmeric is a spice from India, and has been used for thousands of years as a condiment, as a bright yellow dye, and as part of the Indian Folk Medicine tradition called Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda, turmeric is used for a variety of conditions, including digestive issues, pain, colds and flu, cancers, diseases of the liver, anti-malarial agent, anti-epileptic agent, relieves gas, improves appetite, arthritis and rheumatism, and topically as an antiseptic.

Modern research has found that the active ingredients in turmeric root are the curcuminoids. Studies have found that the curcuminoids are very poorly absorbed by the digestive tract unless they are cooked with oil and black pepper. Pharmaceutical technology has discovered ways to make the curcumin more bioavailable, by using turmeric essential oils, extracts of black pepper called piperines, by bonding the curcumin to the lecithin molecules, or by making it water soluble. In comparison studies the water soluble version has the highest bioavailability over all of these other absorption technologies.

RxCurcuWIN contains curcumin that is water soluble, therefore providing the best and longest serum levels of curcuminoids. Prolonged high levels of curcuminoids make them work much much better in the body.

RxCurcuwWIN comes as small hard tablets that are easily chewed and accepted by dogs. They have a mild chicken liver flavor to them, and most dogs love them. They can very easily be mixed in with your dog's food, or simply given as a treat. For cats, these tablets are scored, so you can easily break the tablet in half, and crush it between two spoons so that the crushed tablet can be mixed with some wet food. its tasteless so almost all cats will accept it this way. For most cats, 1/2 tablet twice daily is a good amount to administer.

Studies in dogs and horses have found that effective amounts of curcuminoids are administered based on weight at 4 mg/kg of body weight twice daily. This comes out, very easily to 1 tablet for each 10 kg of body weight twice daily. Higher amounts can be given for a better response if the standard amounts are not adequate.

RxCurcuWIN Tablets 90 tablets to the bottle

Active Ingredients:

Curcumin Complex 40 mg Provided as CurcuWIN(tm) a patented curcumin complex combination with a hydrophilic carrier, cellos derivatives and natural antioxidants

Inactive Ingredients:

Microcrystalline cellulose, natural chicken liver flavor, silica, magnesium stearate (vegetable source)

About the Hard-Chew Tablet format:

This novel dosage format is small and easy to administer as a tablet or a dosage form treat, or can be readily crushed between two spoons and mixed in with wet food. The tablets are scored for administration to smaller dogs and cats or can be administered whole.


DOGS: 1 tablet for each 22 pounds of body weight twice daily

CATS: 1/4- 1/2 tablet twice daily


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