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    WRITE: DrSilver@WellPetDispensary.com and ask for a FREE consultation with Dr. Silver regarding your pet and whether this product would be safe and effective,

    Once annually we will ask for another consult with Dr. Silver or an Rx from your veterinarian.


    Provided in bottles of 100 capsules (1 capsule per serving) of concentrate or
    200 teapills (1 teapill/serving)
    Each Serving contains

    Astragalus huang qi  
    Angelica dang gui  
    Codonopsis dang shen  
    Lindera wu yao  
    Citrus chen pi  
    Scutellaria ban zhi lian  
    Scrophularia xuan shen  
    Oldenlandia bai hua she she cao  

    Wei Qi Booster is an immune system tonic consisting of tonic and potent herbs that potentiate normal immune system function. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Wei Qi Booster, tonifies Qi and Blood, boosts the Wei Qi and clears Heat-toxins.

    Immune boost and general support for post-chemo and radiation; general weakness, fatigue, poor appetite, exercise intolerance, qi deficiency, wei qi deficiency



    1-2 teapills per 10 pounds of body weight twice daily
    Capsules of Concentrate:
    1/2 capsule of concentrate for each 10 pounds of body weight twice daily mixed with food

    1-2 pills for each 10 pounds of body weight twice daily

    <15 pounds 3 teapills 1-3 times daily
    15-30 pounds 1 capsule 1-3 times daily
    30-60 pounds 2 capsules 1-3 times daily
    60-90 pounds  3 capsules 1-3 times daily
    >90 pounds 4+ capsules 1-3 times daily

    Concentrate Capsules:
    1 capsule per 20-40 pounds of body weight twice daily (Higher doses may have more potency)


    Just as you take vitamins to help you live a more healthy life, so too will your pet benefit from supplementing with the right herbal and nutritional products.

    This is no substitute for a complete and balanced diet, but so many foods these days are overly processed. A little dietary supplement might just add that extra push your pet needs to be its best.

    Feel comfortable that the supplements you find at the Well-Pet Dispensary will always be of the highest standards of quality and value.


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    1. This is a great complemenary product.

      I like to use this product alongside other supplements, for most canine cancers. I find that it provides additional support. I appreciate the excellent service of "Well Pet Dispensary." Thank you. (The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund) on Jul 4th 2017

    2. Great product!

      My dog is doing very well on this and other natural products.. He was diagnosed with multiple myloma (cancer of the immune system). on Jan 15th 2017

    3. Great product!

      Great product. My dog, diagnosed with cancer, is very healthy! on Dec 29th 2016

    4. excellent supplement

      My dog, diagnosed with multiple myloma (cancer of the immune system) is doing very well on this supplement (along with other products recommended by Dr. Silver). on Sep 24th 2016

    5. Great Product

      I give this to both my dogs for wellness. One is 15 years and one is 2. on Mar 2nd 2016

    6. Very Happy with the Wei Qi Booster

      Great immune support product. on Dec 20th 2015

    7. Wei Qi Booster Capsule & Tea Pills

      Great product for immune support - we just ordered more. I was very happy with this company's FAST shipping. on Dec 7th 2015


      My dog was diagnosed with cancer (melanoma tumor that was removed from her mouth). My vet recommended Wei Qi for her to take and said that it might support her living a few months longer (this cancer is very aggressive). This was in October, 2014 and she is still alive with no sign of cancer. She takes this every day and is 15 years old. on Nov 13th 2015

    9. Product great for boosting immunity

      I began using this product with a local vet as I have a dog with a deadly fungus. It seems to improve his energy and decrease some of the symptoms indicative to this problem which is also treated by prescribed medications. I found Well Pet online with much cheaper prices and decided to try them. They have been wonderful. My only issue, reported earlier, was with the postal service. If you order this, allow yourself at least 2 weeks to receive it. You cannot rely on a 3-4 day delivery. on Aug 2nd 2015


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